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Welcome to Mountain View Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Our goal is to provide world class care right in your own back yard. Our philosophy is to harness the best technology has to offer in order to allow us to concentrate our time on you!
Caring for multiple generations of the same family gives the physician a better comprehension of family dynamics, disease state and the impact of acute or chronic illness at all ages. Patients and families form long-term relationships with their health provider instead of having to transfer care at a certian point in their lives. Preventative medicine is a core component of our practice as well. While we care for chronic illnesses our main goal is for all of our patients to maintain the best health possible!
Internal Medicine-Pediatrics: What Is It?
Internal Medicine-Pediatrics trained physicians combine the skills, wisdom and dedication of pediatricians and internists in a single physician. This description may seem similar to Family Medicine but, while some overlap exists, the training is significantly different. A four-year residency contains two years of formal training in Internal Medicine and two years of formal training in Pediatrics. The typical family practitioner has received only three to four months of formal training in Pediatrics.
Internal Medicine-Pediatric residency graduates qualify to take medical boards in both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. We are uniquely adept at treating adults with the diseases of childhood such as sickle cell disease, autism, congenital heart disease, cystic fibrosis, and genetic disorders (such as Down syndrome). On the other hand, we are trained to treat children that have developed adult diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, sleep apnea and high cholesterol.
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